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Linea Learning Track

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the Linea ecosystem. We will begin by learning the basics of Solidity programming, then progress to more complex applications. Through guided projects, you will develop skills to launch tokens, implement NFT Dutch Auctions, and build a decentralized social DApp. All projects can be deployed on the Linea Mainnet or Testnet, providing you with practical, hands-on experience within the ecosystem.

Skill LevelBeginner
Total Length13.4h

Intended Learners

Who’s This Course For

  • For developers who are interested in exploring Linea ecosystem
  • For developers who are interested in Farcaster Frames


  • Basic understanding of blockchain and web3 concepts
  • Basic programming skills are recommended - prior experience with Web2 languages such as Javascript will facilitate a better grasp of the course material.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction to the basic concepts and technical framework of Linea
  • Introduction to Farcaster Frames
  • Providing step-by-step guided practical tutorials
Farcaster Frame


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Linea Learning Track
Linea Learning Track
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